Metropolis Car Service FAQ is the place where you will find useful information about chauffeuring, payment options, pets, late flight, car seat, etc.

If you don’t find the answer to your questions here, please call us and we will be more than happy to help. Thank you!

How do we find out chauffeur at the airport?
Metropolis Car Service offers two pick-up options at Sea-Tac Airport. One is ‘Curbside’ and another is ‘Meet-and-Greet’. Sea-Tac Airport is fairly small, in comparison to other national airports, and, therefore, isn’t as complicated when it comes to pick ups. Most people prefer ‘Curbside’ option.

How does ‘Curbside’ pick up work?

Upon landing, you will receive a text message from either dispatcher or our chauffeur. Once you are ready for pick up, locate the nearest exit to the curbside and respond with door number, which is even number located right above the double sliding doors leading to curbside. Car will drive up and chauffeur will call your name, which typically takes five minutes. Please do not approach any vehicle and wait until you hear your name. Please note that during peak times at the airport, it may take up to ten minutes for a car to get to you due to congestion. Please do not go across the skybridge to the garage.

It is important to note that we ask you to call us when you have your luggage. Often clients guess when they may receive luggage and call us as if they are ready. When car arrives to door and passengers are not ready, we cannot wait for them and are forced to loop, which may prolong your wait. Port of Seattle prohibits waiting at the curbside and we can be cited by either Port of Seattle Police Department or Ground Transportation Controller. Please call us only when you have all of your bags.

How does ‘Meet-and-Greet’ pick up work?

If you request a ‘Meet-and-Greet’ service for an additional $10.00, your chauffeur will meet you at the baggage claim area with the sign with your name and will wait for you by the carousel assigned to your flight. For international flights (excluding Canada), you will be greeted by the escalator from S-Gates, an international terminal.  If you cannot locate your chauffeur, please do not leave baggage claim area and call (425) 390-4619. Leaving without contacting us will result in full charge to your card on file.

What type of payment options do you offer?

For all reservations, we require a credit card on file. We accept American Express, Master Card, Visa, and Discover. Clients can pay with Cash and card on file won’t be charged. Direct Bill option is available for corporate clients only on Net 15 and Net 30 terms. Please note that frequently flying business individuals are not corporate clients, which would be a company where a business travel agent or an admin makes bookings for multiple employees. Of course, corporate account may pay with credit card on trip basis too.

How does gratuity work?

For Point-to-Point and Airport Transfers, gratuity is left at the discretion of a client. It can be either prepaid or added at the end of the trip. For hourly rates and long distance trips we add a 20% gratuity to chauffeur. Industry recommended gratuity to chauffeur is 15%-20%.

Are there any additional charges that are not quoted in the price?

The most common charges which are not included in rates quoted are for extra stops, parking fee, waiting time, and variable toll fees. If you specify that you need to make an extra stop on the way to your destination, we will give you a quote for extra stop. A minimum charge for an extra stop is $10.00. However, oftentimes the extra stop fee can be waived if we determine that deviation from the route is not significant. Metropolis does not have luggage or car seat fees.

How does ‘waiting time’ work for pick-ups?

For pick-ups from residences, hotels, private FBOs, and offices clients are privileged to a 10 minute grace period. After that a $1.00 per minute of waiting time fee will be added to the price quoted.

For pick-ups at the airport, clients are privileged to a 30 minute grace period from the time of arrival for domestic flights and 60 minutes for the international flights. After that a $1.00 per minute waiting time fee will be added to the price quoted.

What if my flight is late or I missed my connection?

Metropolis monitors all flights by using FlightStats data module integrated in our dispatch system. No matter when you land, your car will be ready for you. In case you missed your connection and will not be on the scheduled flight, please immediately contact us with a new flight information. Failure to notify us about changes to your original reservation with us will result in a full charge to your card on file for a ‘No Show’.

Do you allow pets in your cars?

Yes, we do! All pets must be in a kennel or a carrier bag. For medium and large sized dogs you will need an SUV or a Passenger Van. Only service dogs are permitted inside of the vehicle without kennel. If your pet has an accident in our vehicle, a cleaning fee will be added to your bill.

What if my cell phone 'died' and I can't reach you when I am ready?

If your cell phone’s battery ‘died’ and you can’t reach us, you have two options:

  • Print the confirmation email and call us using a public phone (in baggage claim you can ask attendant to use their phone) or ask another traveler to borrow their phone to call us.
  • Sea-Tac Airport has charging stations where you can power up your device and make a call.

Failure to contact us when you land due to ‘dead’ phone will result in a charge to your credit card on file.

Do you provide car seats?

Yes, we do! We provide forward facing car seats for toddlers, rear facing for infants, and booster seats for older kids. We, generally, use reversible car seats. None of the car seats exceed the manufacturer’s indicated expiration date. Car seats are offered to families for absolutely no extra cost.